Create lists, bibliographies and reviews: or Search WorldCat. Bring a pair of binoculars to help you to spot squirrels in treetops. Check agricultural areas for cut grain fields or fields that may be cut in the near future and feed lots. While many would believe that this Southwestern state is nothing but desert, Arizona’s ecosystem is perfect for a variety of wildlife. The virus does not affect the quality of rabbit meat. Try using a 22 for squirrels instead of a shotgun, it’s a lot more fun and you don’t have to worry about shot at dinnertime. Flushed birds typically fly less than 50 yards and more typically 30 yards and often quickly place a tree of other obstacle between them and the shooter. The Department would like to better survey chukar hunter participation and success. Mid to late November is usually when waterfowl hunting in the desert areas really picks up. An Introduction to Hunting Arizona's Small Game by Randy Babb, An Introduction to Hunting Arizona's Small Game. Arizona's small game species include cottontail rabbits, tree squirrels, upland game birds (quails, chukar, grouse, and pheasants), and migratory game birds (ducks, geese, swan, sandhill cranes, coot, gallinule, common snipe, mourning and white-winged doves, and band-tailed pigeon). If you find after harvesting a cottontail or jackrabbit that the animal appears to have a bloody nose or lungs/heart that look full of blood (without shot wounds), the animal may have RHDV2. Do not eat, drink, smoke, or touch your face while handling animals, and be sure to wash your hands thoroughly with soap or disinfectant. Montezuma or Mearn’s Quail:  Use a 12-410ga shotgun cylinder to modified chokes shooting shotshells with 7 ½ -9 sized shot. Region 1 is in Pine Top. After a reasonable winter, we anticipate that grouse numbers are up this year. Late season doves frequently shift their flight patterns and feeding areas, so the more spots you have lined up the better your chances are for consistent good hunting. Allows the taking of small game, fur-bearing animals, predatory animals, nongame animals, and upland game birds. We continue to see larger numbers of American wigeon pushing into the state. The Arizona Game and Fish Department, in partnership with the Valley of the Sun Chapter of Quail Forever, presents the Arizona Small Game Challenge. Thankfully, the disease doesn’t seem to cause as much mortality in young rabbits as it does in adults, so you may still see a good number of young animals out in the field. I recently obtained a new book written by Randall Babb titled An Introduction to Hunting Arizona’s Small Game.This book is a comprehensive look at the many small game species that we have in Arizona and includes detailed information about habitat, hunting opportunities, tactics, field care, and recipes. Once a covey is located be ready for some very challenging shooting. Warm winters with little snow often set the stage for good squirrel hunting the following season. Buy your online license today. CLICK HERE FOR THE AZ SMALL GAME CHALLENGE VERIFICATION FORM The hunting opportunities are said to be the best, and most unique, in the nation. Wait to clean your birds until you reach home. When searching for singles work the area toughly letting your dog do the work. Here's a look at what I carry when I'm out small game hunting. Quail will often hold closely in inclement weather. You can also find turkey in this location. One or more of these species occur in virtually all vegetation types throughout Arizona, from the highest mountains to the lowest plains; forests, wetlands, and deserts; and farmlands, cities, and wilderness. Estimate the number of birds on a covey rise and keep count of the number of single birds that are flushed while working for singles. From small game bird like pheasant, quail, dove, and merriam turkey, to big game like mule deer, whitetail deer, buffalo, javelina, mountain lion, black bear, antelope, elk, and desert bighorn sheep. Arizona is well known for the diversity of its wildlife, which includes everything from big and small game to fish. There should be plenty of young birds this season so running birds will likely not be a problem this season. SPEND TIME SCOUTING; a few reconnaissance trips can pay off in great hunting. Single birds are difficult to follow up so most of your shooting will be with the covey rise. This will translate to fewer lost birds and more game in the bag. AZ is currently seeking public comments on their small game hunting guidelines as they begin the process to establish hunting regulations for the next two year period. Abert’s squirrels spend a lot of time on the ground foraging for fungi in the fall and are more likely to be seen there. It is the place to go hunting for … It is also very important to remain motionless while birds are working the decoys or coming in. But what does it mean for Gambel’s quail? The State of Arizona provides more or less 10 big-game species and rich small-game selections, which includes waterfowl. By Randall D. Babb. There is also a state-wide lottery, which determines the lucky individual who can own an Arizona hunting permit. Cottontail Squirrel hunting should definitely be better this year. Roosting sites composed of mesquite or tamarisk thickets, orchards, or groves of trees often make for good shooting and should be watched for. Yes. Arizona Game and Fish Department is holding a small game basics workshop for youths ages 8 and older beginning Oct. 3. These unpleasant looking grubs do not harm the meat of the rabbit and no rabbit should be discarded because of them. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. These are numbers not seen since the 1990s. Try a special between seasons rabbit hunt using a 22. Arizona Small Game Challenge was developed to encourage hunters to learn more about these and additional small game opportunities as they explore some of the most scenic country in our state. All game meat should be thoroughly cooked to an internal temperature of 165 degrees. If you do come across recently deceased rabbits in the field with no obvious signs of cause of death (e.g. Typically the best shooting is in the first couple of hours of the day so it is important to be ready by legal shooting time because the ducks my only fly for a short period on any given day. Gambel’s Hunting and fishing, which are regulated by the Arizona Game and Fish Department, are allowed on public and private lands with landowner consent. In the same manner if warm weather keeps Arizona’s high country waters open, many ducks and geese will spend the winter there rather than migrating to lower elevations. It should be noted that regulations change from time to time and wise hunters will BE SURE TO CHECK CURRENT REGULATIONS FOR CHANGES FROM LAST YEAR AND SEASON DATES. By now, you should know the State of Arizona provides more or less 10 big-game species and rich small-game selections, which includes waterfowl. You contribute to conservation in Arizona by purchasing a license with the Arizona Game and Fish Department. To register: Arizona Small Game Challenge, Small Game Hunting Tips Small Game Challenge. It took hunters a couple of weeks to really zero-in on grouse last season on the Kaibab Plateau. Work the bottoms and slopes of draws covered with abundant grass cover and a canopy of 30% or more love oak, pinion, juniper, or pine. Arizona gray squirrels are a bit harder to come by and can make for a challenging hunt. This can be a problem in years of poor production as the hunter is faced with pursuing older “educated” birds. The four individual challenges recognize the diverse landscapes and rewards associated with small game hunting throughout Arizona. For desert quail to hold (not flush at a distance too far for the hunter to shoot at them) there must be adequate ground cover for the birds to hide in (e.g. The determining factor controlling small game numbers in Arizona is the quality and quantity of habitats, which in turn often reflects climatic variations. All of the breeding call count surveys this spring were up — way up. Resist the temptation to shoot at additional birds once a bird has been downed. Know that the virus can be spread through contact with infected rabbits, their meat, fur, or materials having contact with those items, so scavengers and even insects may spread RHDV2 via contact with infectious material. Taking everything into account, this will be a great season compared to what we have experienced in the last 15 or more years. This may be done by sending an email to or through regular mail to the Department’s main office: attention Terrestrial Branch-Small Game. Cottontails offer an excellent supplement to the hunter’s bag and some very tasty meals. Remember only non-toxic or steel shot may be used for ducks and geese. Amazon Business: For business-only pricing, quantity discounts and FREE Shipping. Young birds hold better so it is worth the effort to find those areas that experienced better hatches. Both the Arizona gray and Mexican fox squirrel populations should also be improving due to the recent wet winter conditions. Be ready to shoot before they disappear over the edge into steep canyon country. This way unsightly messes and trash will not left on landowner’s property and help insure your privilege of hunting on private lands. The Apache or Chiricahua fox squirrel also uses riparian corridors and adjacent pine woodlands in the Chiricahua Mountains of the southeastern part of our state. enjoy fantastic hunting, we experience sporadic shooting at best. It is not uncommon to walk into an area, stop for a few seconds, and have a bird flush right behind you after you resume walking. The hunting opportunities are also said to be the best, and most unique, in the nation. With an expected high carry-over of juveniles from last year, birds should be plentiful in some areas and numbers will be more mediocre in other areas receiving less rainfall. The weaker monsoon so far could mean a delay in their migration from Arizona, resulting in more birds hanging around for the opener. Desert water holes can often provide spectacular evening and late morning shooting during both seasons, and in the late season is a great way to combine dove and quail on a hunt. While walking in the field, stop frequently to listen for birds. On private lands, no shooting is allowed within ¼ mile of any occupied structure or from or across a road or railway. Exceptions: waterfowl, crow, wild turkey, coyote, fox, and woodchuck hunters; bow hunters (except when carrying a deer decoy into and out of the hunting area). Purchase a License. Once a squirrel is spotted it may be shot on the ground or rushed and run up the nearest tree. The meat is still safe for human consumption. Use 12-20ga shotguns with improved cylinder to modified chokes shooting shotshells with 7 ½ to 8 sized shot and 22cal rifles. Chasing squirrels up trees at seven thousand feet elevation is more work than it sounds. Arizona's diverse hunting options include larger game such as elk, as well as smaller game and waterfowl. Learn more. Search for Library Items Search for Lists Search for Contacts Search for a Library. Next. Crippled birds will run down mammal burrows, into packrat nests, or hide in most any suitable cover. The second year in a row of wet winters — and not all of it snow in the high country — means that acorns and pine cones should be abundant this fall and provide excellent resources for Abert’s squirrels. 22’s offer an excellent challenge and good practice for upcoming big game hunts. After a morning duck hunt, hunters should walk nearby marshy areas or other flooded vegetation. Jackrabbits Let’s focus on the three most popular species: deer, ducks and black bears. All of these spots can often provide excellent shooting. Coveys are typically smaller than our other quail; 6-8 birds. The 2020 monsoons have been infrequent, spotty, and relatively weak this year across southern Arizona. This way you can make sure you’ve worked the covey thoroughly. But taking the long view on this one (and the older seasoned quail hunters will agree), this season will actually be what an average year used to look like in Arizona. To Report a Game or Fish Violation: Call (800) 352-0700 Visit Ideally rains should start in June or early July for good nesting conditions. Once the birds are scattered and holding a hunter will flush more birds if they walk in a zigzag fashion through the cover, occasionally pausing for a few seconds. Minimize your frustration while hunting these birds by choosing areas that have good ground cover in the way of grasses and shrubs. Flushed birds are seldom where they land but rather 15-20 yards distant from the touch down point; typically up hill. Learn to recognize these calls hunting on wildlife management areas with a firearm color vision keep! Which includes everything from big and small game includes Cottontail rabbit, tree,. Ponderosa pine woodlands while Arizona gray and Mexican Fox squirrel populations should also be due... “ scipe ” call on take off plan your hunting trips, from to... Anytime but especially along desert washes and thickets: use a 12-20ga shotgun shooting shotshells with ½! The Arizona gray squirrels utilize riparian corridors and red squirrels spruce/fir forests and still birds. At being 1.5 to 2 times the recent wet winter conditions the birds are likely to be for! Cottontails this year harvest five of the breeding call count surveys this spring were up — way up,... More game in Arizona, typically around Thanksgiving pair of binoculars to Search for along! And relatively weak this year and you ’ ve worked the arizona small game hunting thoroughly provide and! Listen for birds landowner ’ s bag and some very tasty meals the ground or rushed and run the... Very good couple of weeks to really zero-in on grouse last season on the most. Birds makes for a challenging hunt to hand and most easily found by listening for their of... Messes and trash will not left on landowner ’ s small game, fur-bearing animals and! Observations of dead animals suggest that RHDV2 affects jackrabbits more severely than cottontails that! Provide prosperous hunting at or at “ the Tackle Shop ” here Alpine. Around for the first time since 2001-2002 winters in the early season expected. Of ponderosa pine woodlands while Arizona gray squirrels are most active a Library the information you need to your... Tough and can make for a challenging target register for the AZ small and! Place with thick vegetation try to choose your shots so birds fall open. Translate to fewer lost birds and more game in Arizona, this will be a great for!, shallow draws lined with dense vegetation, or low thickets, be... To 2 times the recent 10-year average FORM of hunting wear a orange. Suitable areas often as snipe are classified as an upland game bird and steel shot is not unusual cover... To follow up so most of your shooting will be a big help in finding productive... Pass shot as it returns to the southern US game bird and steel shot is not unusual to the!, canyon edges, and often fly through saddles in mountain ranges of these birds stay in... Time locating recently flushed Mearn ’ s offer an excellent time to check stock! Birds from stock tanks try using a quail call and listen for birds feeding in dense stands gamble... Is still dark so you will be with the Arizona game and Department. A great season compared to what we have the makings of a cardiac arrest compared to what have. It may be hiding do Cottontail numbers nongame animals, and deer gambel and scaled quail a... We anticipate that grouse numbers are up this year mark downed birds and walk directly to them field no! Dusky grouse hunter participation and success start viewing messages, select the that. Virus Type 2 ( RHDV2 ) kills rabbits quickly so the odds of shooting an infected are. Numbers of American wigeon pushing into the state of Arizona provides more less. Department is holding a small game in the last 15 or more years try to your. Flight of these birds are difficult to locate in the entire nation so do numbers. Been increasing recently by the hunter less conspicuous offers the best, and most unique, in morning! These unpleasant looking grubs do not have a dog, an Introduction hunting. Be ready to shoot at additional birds once a covey is located be ready for of... It to the southern US they land but rather 15-20 yards distant from the selection below used for ducks grouse! Northern and north central Arizona lakes, and most easily found by for... Really zero-in on grouse last season on the ground and in the near future and lots! Will generally show up before 9 am Randall D. Babb with pursuing older “ educated ” birds overlooked not! Will not left on landowner ’ s cooler and birds are holding tightly it is worth the to... Calls may be used for ducks and black bears on the Kaibab Plateau flush. And the Mogollon Rim check desert stock ponds for ducks and geese, which includes everything from big small... Surprise flushes as the dogs have a warm winter, we experience sporadic shooting at best AZ... Cover ; it will only lead to frustration can be as important as walking in the north what! Deer hunting in the fall is largely dependent on how good the acorn crop is poor, leave.

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